FORT MORGAN CAY: USEFUL INFO & PLANNING DETAILS                                         

About Fort Morgan Cay (FMC)

It is a small private 40-acre island off Roatan and is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. FMC provides a private island experience for groups of 6-19 people. The FMC managers live full-time on the cay and staff stay over when guests are on the island. During your stay on the cay, aside from our staff your group will be the only ones on FMC.

Room Amenities

Drinking water, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, conditioner

Mosquito nets on beds

One bath towel, beach towel, hand towel and wash cloth per person

We provide daily maid service

Items to Include in Your Packing

Sunscreen                             Bug spray                                 Rain jacket                                            

Games for your family to play              Refillable water bottle               Water shoes/flip flops

Rash Guard for swimming          Flashlight                                          A good book

Food Service Included

Our food is prepared with the freshest local ingredients, is serve family style and dining will take place at various locations on the cay.

Fruit and snacks are available throughout the day.

Please let us know about any food restrictions at least 2 weeks prior to your stay, as we do a complete provisioning for groups prior to your arrival. The nearest grocery store is an hour away.

Mealtimes are:

Breakfast     8:00am

Lunch     12:30pm

Appetizers     4:30pm

Dinner     6:30pm

Beverages Provided

Water, Honduran coffee, juice and tea

Stock Your Own Bar - If you choose not to purchase optional beverage packages you can stop and pick up what you need on your way from the airport to FMC. There is a refrigerator for guests in the bar and your group will have access the self-serve bar at any time.

First Aid and Medical Care

FMC can provide basic first aid.  For larger issues or injury there is a private hospital in French Harbor and a medical clinic in Oakridge.


We do accept credit cards and add a 3.5% bank fee onto all credit card transactions. We recommend you bring US cash for payment of any services.  


We have a professional security guard patrolling the cay from sunset to sunrise. We do not allow anyone on the cay without permission. We have 2 watch dogs on the island as well, so if any boat comes near FMC, they let us know (please do not feed them). Rooms are not lockable, and you are responsible for your personal belongings.


Our hardworking staff really appreciate tips. The local Honduran wage averages $18 USD per day. Locals working in the hospitality industry rely on tips to support their families. Please leave your tip with the management team. The management team will then distribute the tip to all staff. Recommended tip is $100 per guest for a week-long stay.

Complementary fun FMC will provide – No need to book ahead of your stay

·     Snorkel gear for snorkeling from FMC – 15 sets of gear in various sizes

·     Boat trip to nearby FMC snorkel sites - up to 16 guests at a time

·     Volleyball

·     2 Paddle Boards

·     2 Single man Kayaks

·     1 Hobie Cat Catamaran - holds 2 guests

·     1 Laser Sailboat - holds 2 guests

·     Boche Ball

·     Beach chairs

·     Fishing gear

·     Metal detectors

·     Pool noodles

·     Life jackets

Boat Trips FMC Offers – price is for boat and trip guide, no need to book ahead of your stay

·     6-8am fly fishing, 2 guests at a time - $100

·     6-8am bottom fishing trip, up to 10 guests at time - $100

·     10am-2pm ½ day mangrove tour and stop for lunch at local waterfront bar - up to 16 guests at a time (guests purchase their lunch at bar) - $200

·     4-6pm sunset boat cruise with appetizers - up to 16 guests at a time - $100

Things FMC can book for you to enjoy – arrange and pay at least 2 weeks prior to your stay

·     Massage - $90 per 1 hour

·     Garifuna tribal dance show - $350

·     Live music - $300 and up

·     DJ/Karaoke - $275

·     Sand sculptor and fire dancer show - $400

·     Fireworks - $1950

·     ½ day large catamaran boat day with BBQ - $155 per person

·     Professional fishing guide - full day. 1 person $390, 2 people $650

Things you should book prior to your visit to FMC

Roatan Island Attractions

All attractions are a 1-2-hour drive from FMC. When booking, the transportation pickup and drop-off needs to take place at the FMC dock in Port Royal. Below are a few suggestions You can find many more on TripAdvisor

Sloth Hangout               West Bay Beach                 Rum Factory

West End Village                Arches Iguana Farm

Scuba Diving

Dive Pangea      

The Reef House 

Captain Buck Beasley 

Marble Hill Farms 

Kite Board Lessons and Rental

Kite Surf Roatan

Conservation of Resources

We are a self-contained island and completely off the grid Resources are very limited and if guests are not careful to conserve these resources we can run out. If we do run out, restoring the resources listed below will take some time.

We ask you please conserve:

·     Water – cistern filled with rainwater

o     Limit toilet flushing

o     Turn off faucets when not using

o     Turn off faucet while brushing teeth

o     Use 1 beach towel for your entire stay

o     Bathroom towels are only changed out upon request

o     Sheets will not be changed out during your stay

·     Hot water - electric on demand

o     Limit shower time

o     Turn off shower when shaving or shampooing

·     Electricity – solar and gas generator

o     Air-conditioning is not available

o     Charge your devices during day to use solar energy

o     Keeps light off when not needed or in room

o     Keep fans off when not needed or in room

o     Refrain from using hair styling tools/blow-dryers as much as possible

·     Sewage disposal

o     No sanitary products in toilet

o     Limit toilet paper use

o     Only flush when necessary

o     Hold down handle to flush and make sure it is up all the way after flush

·     Wi-Fi/Phone

o     You cannot stream movies or videos on FMC, download or put on a zip drive prior to your arrival

o     Use Wi-Fi sparingly - Remember you are on vacation!  

o     We suggest you download WhatsApp for calls

I am so excited to have you be a part of this amazing island retreat. Below are a few details (from the hosts) about the island, and useful info like what to pack, and optional add-ons that you may want to book. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

This is going to be an incredible experience for all , and I'm so happy to have you as a part.

Get ready for an amazing adventure!