I teach private, semi-private, and corporate workshops & classes in and around NYC. Please contact me to discuss what might be best for you, or your group. I'd love to chat!

   I also instruct group fitness classes at several Equinox Fitness Clubs within Manhattan.

So you're inerested in some yoga. YES! I am a total yoga pusher and think it is the most transformative practice out there. I came to yoga as a sleep deprived, slightly stressed out TV reporter looking to try the newest Equinox class that was being offered. I never realized how that decision would affect my life.

At the time, I was just looking for an added physical exercise to add to my elliptical and tread mill routine (yawn-- you will never find me either of those now), but what I discovered was a practice that goes so far beyond the physical (although it's also gotten me in the best shape of my life).

Yoga has an awakening power, and can lead to true transformation in so many parts of life. Sure, we can do some pretty poses, and reach places we never thought we could, but yoga also can clear our internal space, bring clarity and tune us in to the real wisdom and power within us.

Sound good? If so, check my classes below and join me on the mat. I also work with people one-on-one offering personalized yoga, and love bringing yoga and meditation into the corporate space.  

Weekends and summers you will find me in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  Come meet me at my magical space Lakefront Yoga (private, semi private and special events there!), or drop in for a group classes at Ascend Studio in Cold Spring.  

Stay tuned for exciting events and retreats in tropical places.


Will travel for yoga :)

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RYT 200 Certificate